Under 11’s Girls League Tag 2021 – Coaches Speech and Awards

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Team:              Under 11 Girls League Tag

Coach:             Jason Tunbridge

When the mighty U/11s Tag team gathered together for our first training session, it was obvious that this was a team of enthusiastic girls determined to enjoy every moment they spent together.

For most this was their first team sport experience, and they quickly got into the rhythm of what that means with continuous support and encouragement for each other, intermingled with what seemed continuous laughter.

We were easily the youngest team in the competition (9 of our 11 players will still be eligible to play in the 11s in 2023) however what they gave away in age and size, they more than made up for in heart and resilience.

A few words on our players:

  • Annalise – Loved being in the thick of play, regularly slicing through the opposition with her turn of speed
  • Charlotte – One half of the Killer Kearns sisters combination, “The Cattai Flash” was nearly unstoppable once she got motoring and scored some great tries. She has the ability to generate even more pace with some off-season sprint training
  • Chloe – Scored a number of memorable tries during the season, with her zigzag running style always bamboozling the opposition. Excelled in cover defence as well.
  • Cora – Fast and strong, Cora quickly adapted to tag like she’d been playing it all her life. A superstar in defence, she also kicked our team’s first goal!
  • Ella – Deceptively quick, she also scored some fantastic tries during the season. Mastered the art of running straight with a devastating sidestep, she’ll be an even greater force to be reckoned with next season
  • Eloise K – The other half of the Killer Kearns sisters combination, she came to realise she’s actually much faster than she thought, finding her way to the tryline for some fantastic tries. Also developed a very deceptive dummy pass.
  • Eloise T – The consummate support player, ET was forever in the thick of things and snaffled a number of key turnovers during the season. Loved being in at marker or dummy half, and was the Queen of the one-handed “miracle” tag
  • Kendall – Look up “determination” in the dictionary and there’ll be a picture of Kendall. Our youngest player, the “Wiseman’s Ferry Rocket” outpaced girls twice her size to score some amazing tries. Developed a swerve that will see her unstoppable next season
  • Liesl – Always busy around the rucks, her pace off the mark would regularly leave the opposition grasping as she sliced through the defence
  • Lulu – With a special ability to spot the gap and run through, Lulu was always a handful for the opposition defence. Loved her darting runs from dummy half and was always reliable in the last line of defence.
  • Pia – Her unique running style would leave the opposition in her wake as she sped down the sidelines. Memorably scored four tries in the one game, her marker defence was also top class

A big shout out to Ines for being the best Team Manager you could ever hope for – thanks Ines! And also a big thank you to all the parents and extended families who attended the games and supported the girls during the season, they really love seeing you on the sidelines.

Looking forward to another great season in the U/11s Tag in 2022!

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